Pandemic economics

I joined Richard Baldwin and George Papaconstantinou for a webinar on pandemic economics this morning. In it we covered:

What will be the likely economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and the world?

What are the factors determining the length and depth of the crisis and the shape of the recovery?

What are governments doing to mitigate the economic costs of the health crisis, protect jobs and incomes, and ensure economies recover when the worst of the pandemic is over?

Is the $US2 trillion package in the US the right policy instrument? Is it appropriately targeted?

In Europe, is the 750 billion euro Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme of the European Central Bank sufficient in the current circumstances?

Is there a need for the use of the European Stability Mechanism resources or the creation of a corona-bond?

What will our economies look like once the pandemic is over and the economic recovery is under way?

Please find the recording here.

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