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This blog offers up-to-date, real-time analysis on developments in the euro area debt crisis. The blog entries here provide my reactions to the evolution of this crisis as well as my forecasts for where I think this crisis is headed and what the potential end game may be. I also use this space to announce major changes in my relevant political and macroeconomic forecasts, comment on data releases and present my latest media appearances (broadcast and print media) pertaining to the eurozone debt crisis.

I am currently the chief economist at Maverick Intelligence, a company that offers advisory services to private and public sector clients based on macroeconomic and policy developments in Europe. I am also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a columnist at Bloomberg and a senior research fellow at Trinity College Dublin. Previously, I was the director of European economics at Roubini Global Economics and the euro crisis expert at the Economist Intelligence Unit. Prior to working as an economist, I was a political risk consultant at Oxford Analytica, an investment banking analyst at JP Morgan Chase and an advisor to the Liechtenstein royal family on eradicating money laundering in the principality’s financial services industry. I did my graduate work at Nuffield College, Oxford University and received a BA in Political Economy from Princeton University.

Megan Greene
Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, euro area debt crisis, ECB
Email: megan@maverickintelligence.com
Phone: +44 (0) 78 3352 8193
Blog: www.economistmeg.com
Twitter: @economistmeg

5 Responses to About / Contact

  1. E Papadopoulos says:

    Thank you for your excellent review on the Greek crisis. Am looking forward in reading more of your forecasts.

  2. C High says:

    Saw you on BBC News a few times and it’s good to hear some forthright and expert views and analysis of the Greek/Euro situation. I will regularly check your blog to keep myself up to date. Looks like the Greeks have had enough and may jump the Eurozone ship at some point, even if they agree to the latest ECB bailout on offer.

  3. Marjorie Baylis says:

    I saw you speak at the Open Europe debate yesterday – I rather liked the fact that you were the only speaker who seemed to have really gripped what was going on. Your references to the smell of tear gas on the streets of Athens was rather poignant and very telling… just by actually going to Athens, it was very apparant that your contribution was worth very much more than the other contributors to the debate.

  4. Caroline Lennon-Nally says:

    Hello Megan,

    I met you on the Frontline last May.
    I’m part of a community group called Irish Homeowners Unite. We’re basically attempting to make sane arguments for holding on to our homes. We are totally against repossession of the family home. There is a moral argument for not repossessing a family home but there is equally a business case which is just as valid and no one seems to be making it! Keep up the good work!

  5. http://www.newsknife.com has rated news sites for their coverage of the euro crisis.

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